ChangeNOW 2021: Pitching for sustainable planet

Vienna Textile Lab was officially selected among top innovative start-ups to pitch in front of the jury at ChangeNOW 2021, the world’s largest conference with innovations for the planet.

There are a ton of brilliant solutions and initiatives addressing the myriad of environmental issues on our planet, like recycling or transitioning to clean energy, but there are other exciting ideas we don’t hear a lot about. One of those is producing biogenic colours for the textile dyeing industry, which is known to be the second-largest polluter of water globally.

On May 29, 2021, our founder & CEO Karin Fleck was invited to pitch in front of the jury on how we can reduce the environmental footprint of the industry with the help of microorganisms:

The aim of my pitch was to connect with potential investors to help turn Vienna Textile Lab’s solution into a commercial success.

Our CEO & founder Karin Fleck pitching at the world’s largest event for the planet – ChangeNow 2021; copyright VTL

Over 3 days, the summit puts the spotlight on the most concrete and innovative solutions to face the World’s biggest challenges. The 4th edition of this event consisted of world-class speakers ranging from global leaders, innovators, policy makers, CEOs, investors, young leaders of change, and inspirational leaders, that participated in the collaborative action for the planet. One of the conference highlights was the world premiere of Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary.

Participants at the world’s largest event for the planet – ChangeNow 2021; copyright by Dagmara Bojenko

We’re honoured to have exhibited and spoken at ChangeNOW and look forward to expanding our network thanks to this opportunity. 

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500 speakers and 150 juries, 550 exhibitors and partners, 436 million impressions, 55,000 online visitors from 167 countries, 600,000 views during the 3 days, more than 700 positive impact jobs to be offered at the job fair, 20,000 business interactions