Piecing it all together!

In the last WORTH Partnership project-related blog, we told you the story of the young designer’s 2nd trip to the Austrian capital. Continue reading to find out more about how our cooperation continued and resulted in beautiful fashion pieces even in today’s challenging times.

After the return to Berlin, her home for some years now, it was clear for Loreto how she wanted to proceed with the collection that she has created in cooperation with the Vienna Textile Lab for the WORTH Partnership Project. When Loreto visited us in Vienna in the summer of 2020 (check out how it was in our blogpost Vienna calling!), she gained an insight into our work and expanded her inspiration.

Since most of the garments of Loreto’s collection were not created yet, we first had to do our part: Dye it according to the designer’s instructions. And the results were great!
But… As postal services rarely work in one’s favour, this part became more challenging than we expected it to be. The last piece to be created was the coat and it arrived from Vienna to Berlin just in time for the photoshoot.

Besides organizing the photoshoot, Loreto needed to create detailed sketches, drawings of the collection and provide specifications. She needed to organize the tailoring in Berlin, while at the same time, we in Vienna had to manage a part of the photoshoot and filming ourselves. Due to the pandemic, we could not do this together. Luckily, Carina and Vanja, our interns, were in charge of the filming and did a great job.

Exchanging ideas, instructions and comments in the pandemic times; copyright Karin Fleck

Throughout the WORTH Partnership project and our cooperation with Loreto, we realized how exciting and at the same time challenging a shared learning process is. The WORTH Partnership Project also included the discussion of how to commercialize the creation, marketing and branding.
What is a client looking for when wearing these pieces? Who is the client? How can we attract them? How do you build up your brand? How to plan the year? What are the best communication channels? How to form an effective marketing strategy?

Finished design of the coat; copyright Phillip Kuehlker

However, the WORTH Partnership project has provided us with an official mentor, Silvia Zancarli, who was great at keeping us engaged and also made us think about a lot of the work which had to be done. Since she has an extensive career in Communication and Media and is an expert in crowdfunding, she supplied us with great ideas, insights and great links. It was such a pleasure and a great learning experience to work with her.

Silvia Zancarli, Course Leader MAS Fashion Innovation at SUPSI & start-up mentor; copyright Silvia Zancarli

Sketches of the coat; copyright Loreto Binvignat Streeter

Against all odds, we made it all the way to the end of the WORTH Partnership program. In the beginning, we thought a year was too long for the project, but in the end, it was actually quite tight to get everything done in time. So many small things needed to be pieced together and aligned, while we were at the same time operating our businesses.

Another from Loreto’s WORTH collection garments; copyright Phillip Kuehlker

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