Phönix Award: Best Female Entrepreneur 2022

Vienna Textile Lab selected as the winner of the Austrian Start-up prize PHÖNIX, in the category of ‘Best Female Entrepreneur’ 2022!  

The Austrian Start-up prize Phönix (Österreichischer Gründungspreis PHÖNIX) is managed by aws (the Austria Wirtschaftsservice) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy (Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Wirtschaft) in cooperation with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungs GmbH) and the Federation of Austrian Industries (Industriellenvereinigung).   

The Phönix Awarding Ceremony took place on the 7th of November, 2022 at the Federation of Austrian Industries’ building in Vienna, Austria.  The categories for the awards were #Startup, #Spinoff, #Prototype and #FemaleEntrepreneur. 
What was special about this event is that the Austrian Start-up prize PHÖNIX celebrated its 10th Anniversary.  Therefore, it was an honour for our team to be nominated in two out of the four categories: #Startup and #FemaleEntrepreneur.  
It was an incredible atmosphere filled with celebration and outstanding innovators, and we came back inspired with many positive impressions. 

PHÖNIX award ceremony with the winners, copyright by aws-Anna Rauchenberger

We are extremely grateful that our CEO Karin Fleck has been awarded the “Best Female Entrepreneur” for 2022, and we congratulate all the winners: Myllia Biotechnology GmbH for best #Startup, UpNano GmbH for Best #Spinoff, CEET Graz University of Technology for Best #Prototype. 

For more information about the Gründpreis PHÖNIX award and the list of all the nominees and winners, please visit their website.